100: Benny Rubin – Cold Email Senders

Guest: Benny Rubin

Guest Bio:

Benny Rubin is an email deliverability expert with broad knowledge of sales, marketing, and email landscapes.

He is a 3x entrepreneur — with 1 sale, 1 failure, and now his current company, Senders.

Benny has a wide view of what is working in sales, cold email, email deliverability, and sales team execution, which he shares freely. His team has overseen cold emails that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in pipeline and garnered interested responses from massive companies such as Starbucks, Visa, Equinox, Coca-Cola, and beyond.

Benny’s team facilitated the sending of over 30 million emails in the last 12 months alone and is eager to demystify cold emailing, debunk common myths, and give advice to anyone trying to grow anything on how they can leverage cold email while avoiding the spam folder.

Oh, he also lived and worked for 7 years in Japan, has his degree in music (violin, viola, electric bass), and even toured on bass for a Sony artist… so he is happy to dig into any of that stuff, too

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Key Points:

1. Introduction and Background:

·       Benny Rubin, Owner of Senders, is introduced as an email deliverability expert with experience in generating substantial pipeline revenue through cold emailing.

2. Benny Rubin’s Background and Expertise:

·       Benny shares his entrepreneurial journey, highlighting his experience in starting and running businesses, including his current venture, Senders. He discusses his transition into cold emailing and email deliverability, noting the evolution of techniques and strategies in this field.

3. Cold Emailing Insights:

·       Benny demystifies cold emailing, debunking common myths and emphasizing effective strategies to avoid spam filters. He stresses the importance of technical expertise in ensuring email deliverability, especially as the landscape evolves.

4. Personal Insights and Analogies:

·       Benny draws parallels between his musical background (violin, viola, electric bass) and his entrepreneurial journey. He discusses how repetition and practice in music translate to business success, highlighting the importance of persistence and refining processes in sales.

5. Sales Techniques and Philosophy:

·       Wendy and Benny discuss sales methodologies, emphasizing the need for preparation, rehearsal, and asking the right questions (including hard questions) during sales interactions. They agree on the value of making a positive impression and providing value during sales calls, even if a deal isn’t immediately closed.

6. Future of B2B Sales:

·       Benny predicts that the future of B2B sales will blend entertainment and education, suggesting that sales interactions should be engaging and informative to justify customer engagement.

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