098: Jakub Hon – How to Structure a Predictable Sales Process

Guest: Jakub Hon


Guest Bio:

Jakub Hon is the Co-Founder and CEO of SALESDOCk. With a hands-on approach to sales, he has provided leadership and consulting services to over 150 organizations, including UberEats, Microsoft, YSoft, and Google, helping them set up effective sales processes and implement scalable sales methodologies.

Alongside his work at SALESDOCk, Jakub has co-founded Banana.bi and served as the Head of Sales for YSOFT Clerbo. Through his various roles, he has developed a passion for helping organizations break free from sales mediocrity and unlock their full potential.

Jakub is dedicated to showing audiences that sales can be a fulfilling and rewarding profession when approached with the right mindset and techniques.

Key Points:

1. Sales Processes and Methodologies:

·       Jakub emphasizes the importance of sales processes in standardizing sales activities and improving overall organizational performance.

·       He argues that having a structured process is crucial as it ensures consistency and reduces variability in sales outcomes.

2. Challenges with Sales Processes:

·       He acknowledges initial resistance to processes among experienced salespeople who have been successful with unstructured approaches.

·       Jakub stresses the need for coachability in sales teams to adopt new methodologies effectively.

3. Components of Sales Processes:

·       Sales processes include defined stages and milestones that guide salespeople through customer interactions, ensuring they gather essential information and progress efficiently.

·       Jakub emphasizes understanding customer needs, decision criteria, and involving key stakeholders as crucial aspects.

4. Sales Methodologies vs. Scripts:

·       He distinguishes between sales methodologies (e.g., how to conduct discovery, and build relationships) and scripts, advocating for understanding and adapting methodologies rather than rigid scripts. 

5. Hiring Best Practices:

·       Jakub discusses common mistakes in hiring salespeople, such as not clearly defining success criteria and not focusing on coachability.

·       He suggests using role-playing exercises during interviews to assess candidates’ abilities and coachability.

6. Role Differentiation in Sales:

·       He highlights the difference between sales roles like hunters (focused on acquiring new business) and farmers (managing and nurturing existing clients), emphasizing the need for tailored hiring criteria. 

7. Final Thoughts on Hiring:

·       Jakub emphasizes the importance of formalizing hiring criteria based on successful traits observed in top-performing salespeople within the organization.


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