097: Deniero Bartolini – The Remote CEO

Guest: Deniero Bartolini

Key Points:

  • Introduction and Background
    • Wendy Weiss introduces Dinero Bartolini as the CEO of The Remote CEO, highlighting his extensive experience as a digital entrepreneur, podcaster, and author.
  • Transition to Remote Work
    • Dinero explains how he transitioned to remote work nearly two decades ago to maintain connections with both European and North American roots without sacrificing stability or family ties.
  • Definition of Remote Work
    • Dinero contrasts traditional remote work post-COVID (hybrid models) with his concept, emphasizing complete independence from physical location, leveraging global talent and time zones for continuous operations and 24/7 support.
  • Employee Engagement and Fair Compensation
    • He emphasizes finding remote workers globally who are dedicated and motivated, often paying above local averages and providing profit-sharing opportunities, which has built a loyal and effective team.
  • Recruitment Strategies
    • Dinero discusses his recruitment strategies, including using platforms like Upwork and specialized internship sites where motivated individuals seek mentorship opportunities, ensuring a rigorous screening process based on core values like critical thinking and problem-solving.
  • Small Business Marketing Control
    • Dinero’s mission involves empowering small businesses to retain control over their marketing strategies, advising against outsourcing entire marketing functions to agencies due to potential disconnects in brand understanding and execution.
  • The Remote CEO Academy
    • He introduces The Remote CEO Academy, designed to help businesses build sustainable internal marketing systems, covering areas such as podcasting, PR, social media management, and SEO to achieve agency-level results without high costs.
  • Benefits of Podcasting
    • Dinero advocates for podcasting as a powerful tool for brand building, audience engagement, and community indoctrination, citing its effectiveness in providing valuable content and building authority within a niche.

Guest Bio:

Deniero Bartolini has been a digital entrepreneur for two decades, a podcaster for 14 years, an Amazon best-selling author, and a remote work consultant. His moonshot is to change the world of work by enabling small businesses to retain control of their marketing.

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