096: Alyssa Thornley – How to Scale Your Sales Team

Guest: Alyssa Thornley

 Guest Bio: 

Alyssa is a dynamic leader recognized as a 2024 San Diego Business Journal Leader in Technology. With a background in non-profits like Teach For America and fast-growing SaaS companies, she excels in driving impactful initiatives through strategic vision, innovative thinking, and collaborative leadership. Alyssa has a proven track record of leading growth efforts through M&A integrations, optimizing operational efficiency, and spearheading strategic initiatives for SMB tech companies in San Diego. Her expertise lies in scaling teams and implementing cost-effective solutions to support business growth.

Key Points:

  • Guest Introduction:
    • Featuring Alyssa Thornley, a revenue operations consultant with extensive experience in nonprofits and SaaS companies.
    • Alyssa’s career journey from middle school teacher to a pivotal role in sales operations and strategy.
  • Career Transition:
    • From teaching to customer service, where Alyssa discovered inefficiencies and improved sales processes.
    • Her progression from supporting SDRs to managing sales and demand generation in an education technology company.
  • Role of Mentorship:
    • Mentorship’s significant influence on Alyssa’s career development and success.
    • The impact of mentorship on understanding sales systems and individual seller needs.
  • Sales Approaches:
    • Discussion on high volume versus personalized engagement strategies.
    • Encouragement for sales teams to leverage their strengths in these approaches.
  • Team Management and Support:
    • Alyssa’s focus on identifying energizing aspects of the sales process for her team.
    • Importance of understanding team personalities to create effective support systems.
  • Sales Roles and Skills:
    • Differentiation between “hunters” (aggressive prospecting) and “farmers” (client retention).
    • Necessity of tailored training and resources for each sales role.
  • Challenges and Tools:
    • Challenges faced by new salespeople, including administrative burdens and inefficient CRM systems.
    • The importance of equipping sales teams with efficient tools and drawing parallels to scenarios like cooking for better understanding.
  • Effective Client Engagement:
    • Significance of providing sales teams with information and tools such as dialers and quality control scripts.
    • Emphasis on repetition and authenticity in scripts for higher conversion rates and positive customer experiences.
  • Quality Control and Training:
    • Importance of maintaining quality control through effective scripting and accessible templates.
    • Advocating for natural communication in scripts to avoid robotic delivery and ensure authenticity.
  • Scaling Sales Teams:
    • Necessity of having a well-defined sales process, scripts, and roles before scaling.
    • Training that promotes authentic speech and natural communication in sales interactions.
  • Cold Call Scripts:
    • Creating authentic cold call scripts focusing on individual customer experiences.
    • Recommendations for practicing conversations and refining messaging for better engagement.

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