091: Shea Kane & Jason Henke – Get Paid, Directly

Guest: Shea Kane and Jason Henke


Guest Bio:

After transitioning from a career in teaching, Shea Kane worked with Borders Group as a Merchandising Director for nearly a decade. She joined the DIRECTPAY team as head of their Marketing Department and navigated the company through a rebranding in 2013.

Shea has helped create a culture within the organization focused on an aligned mission: to not only provide business owners with seamless payment processing – but also free education and networking opportunities within their robust membership community. Her goal is to share how and why DIRECTPAY is the gold standard for credit card acceptance and teach members how to strategically use the tools and features of their account to ensure the growth and sustainability of their business.

Jay Henke has been with DirectPay for 5 years as a Relationship Manager ensuring new members are set up with optimized rates and are ready to use all the features of their payment system. His knowledge and experience have seen business owners from start-up to 6 figures and beyond. Business owners value Jay’s relationship-driven approach to accepting credit cards – including free advice and education, partnership opportunities and one-on-one, accessible support.

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You’ve closed the sale – now it’s time to get paid. The transaction should be seamless and hassle-free for you and your customers. Rest assured your money gets where it belongs with the payment processor who gets to know your business – DirectPay. You can accept credit cards anytime, anywhere with their professional system and receive personalized customer service. Their team specializes in putting your business on auto-pilot so you’re making sales 24/7 with a simple, secure checkout experience.


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