022: Devon Roberts: Creating Engagement & Community

Guest: Devon Roberts

Guest Bio:

Devon Roberts is the Member Success Coordinator for the Technology Association of Oregon where he is responsible for engaging new and existing members in the events and resources TAO provides. Devon works as a freelance theater director, producer, actor, and designer. Beyond his current work, he has worked in several industries including selling specialty foods, Marketing, Private security, and more. Through the arts, Devon has had the pleasure of working internationally at the Fringe festival in Edinburgh, nationally at organizations such as the Orchard Project, and locally in Portland with Portland Center Stage, Profile Theatre, Fuse Theatre Ensemble, and even as a volunteer member of the Drammy Committee. Devon’s work is driven by a passion for community, a desire to empower individuals, and a love for innovation and growth. To learn more about Devon’s endeavors, either in tech or the arts, you can follow his Linkedin!


Guest Links:

Are you interested in a membership! https://www.techoregon.org/membership/




Tension Release Exercise:

There are two versions of this exercise but the idea is the same. You can modify it depending on the time you have. The full version is to lay down on the floor, close your eyes and begin to take deep breaths (grab a neck pillow if you need the support). Each breath should be about 3-5 seconds inhale, 3-5 seconds exhale. The more you do it, you can extend the breath to 10 seconds.

For the first few breaths, attempt to relax your entire body. Find where tension is lingering and try to release it. Is your neck tight? Are you holding your jaw? Is your calf extended? What are your fingers doing? Check in with your whole body. Once you feel relaxed and you’ve been breathing for a bit, you can start the exercise.

The exercise involves isolating certain parts of your body and tensing them for a short duration and then releasing that isolation. It follows this pattern.

  • Deep breath in. Hold for as long as you can.
  • Tense the isolated area for as long as you hold.
  • Release the breath and tension simultaneously. Do not explode the exhale, simply release.
  • As you are tensing, check into your body. Disengage any unnecessary tension.

For the full exercise, isolate in the following order:

  • Face
  • Shoulders, neck and chest
  • Hands
  • Core
  • Legs and feet.
  • Whole body

For a modified tension and release exercise, you can sit in a chair, relaxed hands either on the armrests or resting on the thighs. While seated, do your best to have a relaxed, neutral posture. You can either go right to tensing the whole body or do any combination of isolation required. This is often best for times you are in public, don’t have space, need something fast, etc.

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